Guitar Sessions

Roberto Priori is available for booking as guitar session player for Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative, Rock, Pop and several other music styles. It’s possible to work at distance, recordings will be done in a professional studio with top notch equipment.





As a  teacher  since 1999 Roberto is head of the Production Dept. at Music Academy 2000 in Bologna , Italy. He’s available for private lessons and skype lessons and consulting for every aspect of production , recording, mixing and mastering.


Recording & Reamping

Recording in a professional environment is crucial to get a professional work. Every aspect of recording real instruments need professional tools and expertise. To get you songs ready to be mixed , Roberto can also reamp your bass and guitar tracks with real amps and a multiple choice of the best mics and preamps to get the real deal.



You can submit audio recordings to be professionally edited, like drum editing, drum replacement , vocal tuning and vocal postproduction. It’s crucial to have a professional engineer with solid music skills in order to have custom editing based on musical feel and not a quantize or tuning grid.



With over 30 years of studio experience, Roberto can mix Acoustic Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Metal and every kind of music with special attention to the client’s needs. Every project is worked with the same care and several steps are made to get the perfect sound for your projects. All works will be done in his Pristudio in Bologna, Italy. Long distance works are easily discussed and handled with skype and files will be delivered digitally.



Roberto Priori works with several other studios and producers in North Italy handling the final phase of their projects, the mastering. In the past few  years the mastering session has become more and more important to deliver records with professional results for CD’s, Vinyl and Digital releases. Roberto has mastered an impressive number of records  of Rap ,EDM, Pop, Rock and Metal.