28.01.2014. Morphology album "Overlord Masque"

The Morphology project Cd "Overlord Masque" released by ZetaFactory Records

Morphology is a band with a modern and alternative sound, combining a solid foundation of
pulsating, powerful rock with original, captivating and gripping melodies and arrangements.
As a matter of fact “Morphology” is a golden “side project” created by professional musician willing to explore their “other side”.
When not touring with their personal bands infact they give life to one of the most fullfilling experiences of their whole musical career.
Roberto Priori and Roberto Galli perform with Danger Zone, one of the most famous italian heavy metal band, while Gabriele Palazzi tours with Milagro, a brilliant acustic pop act and Jamma Rocchetti has a great singer-songwriter career.
After years spent playing in major italian tours and with  famous italian acts, the foursome decided to do “something for themselves” and let Morphology begin.
High energy, punchy, raw and furious, but with a blendig heartful side, Morphology is a place to call “home”.


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